What Goes Up

What Goes Up The Movie

What Goes Up The Movie

This poignant slice of life movie revolves (Steve Coogan), an emotionally distraught ny reporter sent to cover the New Hampshire hometown and disabled hoopla surrounding the first civilian astronaut Christa McAuliffe,. Babbitt decides to call an old school buddy, just to find an obvious suicide, upon arriving in the little New Hampshire town. As another teacher (Molly Shannon) tries to keep party spoiler and a looming scandal from the paper, Babbitt gravitates toward his buddies pupils in hopes of locating an unsung hero story about a teacher who made a long-term impact on children that nobody understands. Instead, he falls upon the least likely teachers a group of high school pupils that are dysfunctional, misfits, and outcasts headed by a seductress that is narcissistic (Hilary Duff), a voyeur that is repressed (Josh Peck), and a scheming pregnant teenager (Olivia Thirlby). After sharing his own lapse of integrity in the Big Apple to develop their trust, Babbitt becomes obsessed with want to make heroes where no heroes exist, and their subtleties of exploitation, demand for focus. In a slow reversal of parts, the pupils instruct Babbitt the features he’s trying to project on misfits might actually be qualities that other grownups and he possess. The lesson is that he may need a hero more than pupils want their hero to be replaced by him. And, in learning Babbitt isn’t so distinct as opposed to pupils, he starts to relate to the hero in manners that are surprising and possibly perilous, including an infatuation with the exact same pupil rumored to have had an affair with his dead buddy.

It’s 1986. The reporter is attracted by their enthusiastic and, sometimes, absurd expressions of despair.

My review of What Goes Up

Great introduction to films by Jonathan Glatzer, this film told us a story which is eccentric and unique about a small town teacher who has recently died and those that was affected. As one of many pupils quotes every Activity has that and a Reaction is what drives this movie forward.

Olivia Thirbly and Josh Peck give us what we have begun to expect from these youthful stars that are rising, Molly Shannon and Steve Coogan didn’t disappoint on most accounts, however I feel as though Hilary Duff should attune herself more proper to these characters. She’s making the appropriate steps into a direction out of Disney and I believe this will be an expertise that can help her develop her acting abilities for future roles.

The premise of this film is quite intriguing, it revolves around the departure of Sam Calallucci a teacher of misfit students who all felt quite “in love” with him because he permitted them to be themselves. A movie can just be so long before boring its audience although it was a character driven movie however some should happen to be touched upon a bit more such as Josh’s character.

It is actually possible to watch the full movie on youtube, it’s not in good quality though and it has arabic subtitles.